Monday, October 17, 2011

A 2 Month Recap

I guess I inadvertently took a 2 month break from blogging.  Honestly, things have been quite busy.  Let's have a 2 month recap, shall we?

Three out of five weekends in September I was out of town.  First, I went with my mother to visit my aunt and uncle over Labor Day Weekend.  Our time was basically spent relaxing, eating, and antiquing.  My uncle always grills something really good for us to eat when we visit and this is in additional to all the wonderful things my aunt fixes.  This time, we had pork chops one night and chicken the next. 

A couple weekends later I headed to the beach with two friends to meet up with our soon-to-be-wed friend and some of her friends (confusing yet?).  What shall I say about the weekend?  I like the beach and it was interesting.  Please do not take the lack of information as an indication that I did anything that can't be repeated.  That is enough on that.

The next weekend I headed to Dallas to meet up with my friend Nikki and then onto DC.  We both have birthdays in September and decided that we should celebrate by taking a short trip.  We did lots of walking and metro riding.  I loved it!  A few of my favorite things were The Holocaust Museum, Lincoln Monument, Union Station (mostly for the cupcakes I purchased there), and the Capitol.  I have to say that the White House wasn't as big as thought or set apart from everything else like I thought it would be. 

Lincoln Monument

U.S. Capitol

The best cupcake I have EVER eaten.  No, seriously.

As for October, work has been pretty busy and I was recently in a friend's wedding.  I am looking forward to cooler temperatures (who knows when we'll get those!) and the fall. 


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